A Dogue's Life!

i know your here!

The two leggers are home now from whatever it is they do all day and things are back to normal. The little one was sad at me earlier.. i kind of bit her belly while we were rough housing around!! She has not played with me since.. I”ll have to do the puppy dog face to smooth things over!!

The human "kids" playing with me! I feel so special

The humans had “hotdogs” for dinner, I wonder if they taste like me? They sure don’t look like dogs!! I had my very own, but it tasted like plastic!!


I found some items to chew on today, like the baseboard and the baby gate.. so I got confinded to two rooms, they blocked me off part of the house.. I think chewing is not tolerated… I just can’t help it.. wood is soooooooo good.

That was today: And more rest but of course!!



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