A Dogue's Life!

backyard heaven

Oh dear me oh my, you should see the fun out in my backyard today!!!! Fluffy white puffs that feel so funny in my mouth, I want to eat them all…

yummy white fluffs!  heaven




Oh and speaking of eating funny things, my little human girl has these fluffy yellow socks that I like to chase and chew on while she’s walking.. she thinks its funny, but the big mom human thinks its not!

Is there no privacy in this place??

I'm trying to sleep here!! 

 And this new food that the vet gave as a sample gave me such bad gas!! There are odd smells following me around today! Dad got me my regular stuff again, phew!


Comments on: "backyard heaven" (1)

  1. your “mom human” is the biggest dork ever. I love her.

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