A Dogue's Life!

I ruff you

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama creatures of the world! 

What a great day, minus the cold bath outside with the hose. burrrrrrrrrr… I love my new colar though, makes me feel like a big boy!!

Bamboo colars are GREAT!


A great weekend I had with my family! We took many walks, I went to a Park for the firsts time. Rode in the back of the car, I could look out the window.

 lots of trees!! 

can I keep it, can I  can I??



 resting on a bench with my sis


 Oh I went on an adventure to meet a new friend, Parker, when I grow up I want to be just like him. He can run so fast!! We had such fun. I can’t wait to go back and visit again.

           ok ok I give                                                                                                                  look how big Parker is!rear naked choke?? I winsharing a drink with my buddy



We blew bubbles in the back yard, and they are quite fun to chase and they pop in my mouth, its leaves a bad taste, but the small human gets a good laugh from it. I love to hear her laugh!

 eat the bubblesi got onei'm gonna get it




I also got to sit in the VW! Too cool for words….



Needless to say, I’m exhaused and going to bed early….

 much love from the worn out Cage!!


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