A Dogue's Life!

Still Growing


look how big I'm getting

YUM-OWell as you may know I love to eat Grass and Weeds.  

          Today it all caught up with me….   yuck               

 yeah I barffed the big one… ewwwwwwwwwwwww




Now I’m paying for all this green eating, I guess I’m not a vegan after-all!

And it hurts!! i need my belly rubbed








 Here is a video from yesterday, maybe it’ll cheer me up.. and bring a smile to your face too: 




ps: no doggies were harmed in this video… we’re just playing!!


See you later, love Cage


Comments on: "Still Growing" (3)

  1. we all as me and my kids and husband just love looking at your photos of cage we all think he is the cutiest.was just wondering how he was with kids and the big question how was he with the hoouse traning

    • naturepeaceluv said:

      Well he is doing pretty good, knock on wood, he goes outside quite often, I’m always on him and making him go out, so I don’t really know what he’d do if I just left him alone.
      He can be a chewer, and cannot be left alone unsupervised, he has lots of toys to chew on though, sometimes I feel like he is a two year old and I have to be watching him every minute, (where’s Cage, What’s he into, what’s in your mouth, want out, potty, don’t bite….????) LOL
      And growing, OMG, he has a vet appt tomorrow for shots and whatnot, we’ll see how much he weights.
      Thanks for the comments

  2. I love looking a photos of cage

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