A Dogue's Life!

Well I was at the vet for my check-up and routine shots.  I gained 10 more pounds. Now I’m 28.8 pounds. I’ve doubled in size since arriving at my new home.

i'm not scared














Dr Tyler gave me a shot,  lots of different treats to eat, he poked around in my ears, which I DO NOT like, and he even cut my nails for me. That is so NOT my favorite thing to do. And Yes, I did cry. But boys can cry too. I don’t want to talk about it any more…….


who you callin fat? My vets place

 Dr Tyler Simpson is the best!!











I’ve been working on heel again, and the treats are so yummy, but I hate the choker chain.   yuckThat I could do without. 


I went and made some new friends today. They were cute little snack dogs, Jack Russells my mom called them, probally cause they jump like jack rabbitts. Angus was the little one, and we played and played, he even tried roaping my feet like they do baby cows in the rodieo. And Buster was not in the playing mood, he stole my treat. But that’s ok, it was his yard.

05-17-09_1530   05-17-09_1533  05-17-09_1534  05-17-09_1532Cell  pics


its been a fun weekend, I wonder where the little ones have been???

Iam not really a big baby seriously, I'm a guard dogue!! watch out... grrrrrrrr

We are going to working on more training this week… wish me luck!! 

 i will try to be a good doggie, I sware


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