A Dogue's Life!

off to the races

A GREAT long weekend with the humans. Something called Memorial Weekend, with a big race on the radio and lots of human visitors in our house.

look how big I'm getting     my tag, its so pretty


i had to sleep under the table so I wouldn't get walked on!     trying to cool off on the vent!!

it was so hot out.. I kept coming inside and laying on the cool vents to cool off,

I was sleeping on the floor under the snack and drink table so I wouldn’t get walked on. Plus I got a bonus chip down there too.. YUM

its soooo HOT out

Chasing the ladder balls was tons of fun! Popping bubbles, and chasing the kick ball was a blast too! I just love kids, they have such fun.

my mom and me   me and my girlsFamily time is so much fun!



      Woof woof


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