A Dogue's Life!

Growing daily

I’m off to the vet again today! Poked and prodded again. I hope he leaves my toes alone this time, I don’t like that nail clipping stuff.

Thank goodness I’m feeling better. Last week was a bad week as far as poops.

I upgraded to ADULT food and it just gave me the poops REALLY bad!

Back on puppy food now and feeling much better.

Here are a few pics of me in between bouts of yuck!!

going to school

 I got to take my sister to school one morning, AND I got to sit like a big boy on the seat!!

 I couldn’t believe we left her there!!

look how big I'm getting

 My mom can’t hardly lift me now, she’s guessing close to 40 lbs now!

i still have my teddy from my breeder ma!

 I still love my teddy from my breeder, I sleep with it EVERY night!! It smells like my doggie family!!

evening romp in the backyard, look at that sky

 This is my grandma’s favorite picture! She lives in Canada, I want to visit her.

running running

Last romp in the backyard before bed. Just me and my mum… Fun times!


Comments on: "Growing daily" (1)

  1. Hi Cage! Welcome to Dogs With Blogs! You sure look like a big boy sitting in the car like that. Zeke still does better on puppy chow and he’s almost seven months old. That’s a pretty sunset in that picture!

    See ya!

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