A Dogue's Life!

Well I had my visit with the vet, Dr Simpson was so happy to see how big I had grown! 38 pounds now!! I got some more shots and my heartworm/flea/tick treatment. He said my eye was ALL better and I didn’t need surgery on it anymore. Entropian was pretty bad when I was little but now its all gone… I’m glad we waited until I grew some. But he did say that I do still need a surgery on my ear, to make a opening to access my ear canal, it has no opening so he will make one. That will be soon, one more puppy shot left then I’m done and ready for my surgery.

I had a great weekend with my mum and sis! The boys of the house were gone, so it was just the girls and I, so i was the man of the house, left to protect them. 🙂

I let her win, she was soooo out of breath!!



We had fun playing in the back yard, at the ball park  watching my nephews play ball, oh and we went on car rides all over the town.









I got to watch my first movie in the theather. “Turner & Hootch” isn’t that appropiate??

this was why my mum wanted to get me...



Ok so I slept through most of it!!









a personal friend of my mumMy puppy teeth are falling out! And the big grown up ones are erupting fast!! My mum thinks its so amazing. She says that “Too many of today’s children have straight teeth and crooked morals!!” She spends too much time at work and looking in people’s mouths at teeth…





happy Sunday! 

this is what we do on Sunday’s, take naps together!!!

Awwweee this is the life

peace out friends


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