A Dogue's Life!

New smells

What a beautiful day! I was taken to the park, a big park with lots of new things to smell. Ohhh the smells!!! There had to of been ducks there in the grass, they weren’t today, but there was evidence left behind from them. I don’t know why?? but my mum wouldn’t let me eat it!!        ahh ahhh she kept saying… 😦

my sis and I crossing the bridge!  yeah just a little scared


what is it what is it???? 

I found this old stump and some nice soft dirt, there seemed to be something under it, I dug and dug… Oh what fun that was.. it was my first time digging in the dirt.. hehe

look at the dirt on my nose!!

now I'm resting after my day at the park That park was fun and made me sleepy, look at the drool on my lower lip.. 🙂


Oh and those Greenies are oh so YUMMY!!

I just finished mine up. I got in trouble too for growling, I thought they were going to take it from me, and it was just so great I couldn’t help myself..

My mum took it from me, but she gave it back to me later to finish..

Now I want more!!! I hope I win a years supply..

ohhh YUM   grrrrrrrrrrrrr




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