A Dogue's Life!

weekend fun!

Well lookie here, my picture made the local newspaper… one day I will be the most famous pouch in Kokomo!


I just finished my bath and ear cleaning and my mum brushed my teeth, but I wanted to do it on my own!

brushing is fun  but no toothpaste?   My dentist is going to love this pic!


I have been leary of the old VW bug my dad drives, its sooooooooooo Loud. But my mum wants me to ride in it, she FORCED me into the front seat with her while it was running and it was so VERY loud, I was scared, but it was fun looking out the window smelling all the smells of the world out there. I eventually got the hang of it, and layed on the floor by mum’s feet. Not that bad, maybe I’ll get to go on a bug club outing one day with the gang.

my mum is protecting me


where will i sit in a few weeks, I wont fit down here??

If you’d like to check out our VW Bug Club page you can do so here: http://www.cityoffirstsvw.com/ my mum takes the pictures for the club!!

The best news of the week is how I made my mum so proud of me. I barked twice last night in the middle of the night after bed, and she came down to let me out, an I ran to go #2!! Twice. She was just so happy. Does this mean I’m potty trained now???

Weekend of Charlie visits and playtime, baseball games at the ballpark, car rides, shopping at the store, visiting my paps, and all the other fun stuff tuckered me out. Monday is going to be my sleep in day while the big humans go to “work”!!


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