A Dogue's Life!

Playing with my little Angus the Jack Russell de Terrier is just so much fun, even though I’m a thousand times bigger and stronger than him, he does not back down and can make me cry….  he pulls on my lips and growls… what a fun time!

But no one gets hurt, and we get plenty of excersise! I love my smallish furiends!

I'm bigger than you!  Oh is that a tapout??

nibbles  Ying & Yang ?

awwweeeee  is this what they call puppy love?

surrender Oh no not the lips, I give I give!!

he so cannot stay  No way, this is a one dog house!!!

Great times!!

i can’t wait to get me another taste of that great ANGUS steak burger… ummmmm!!!!

Come back soon, FURiend !!


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