A Dogue's Life!

I had my first group doggie class yesterday. What fun! My humans just didn’t realize how big I was. My new friend in my class a 13 month old female black lab is the same size as me… my mum was in awwweeee… we just don’t see many “big” dogs…

I did great in class and was real mellow. I had difficulty with the “come” command, there was just too much going on and much to sniff and see…

At one point my mum layed down in the grass on her back in attempt to make me come, I was so curious as to why she was laying there, I came… haaaa she cheated, no fair… but the group got a good laugh at mum, the teacher said that was the first time she EVER saw anything like that… Lots of laughs around… *mum got it from her Hero Victoria Stillwell* Its me or the dog lady…

sooo big now!!

72 pounds of pure muscle!! And some drool  😛

who is that I spy walking down the street??

On guard on the front step!

WHAT mum?

Ok ok, I wont pass the boundary of our own yard!

can I go in yet?

Sitting on the front porch, keeping watch!!  Grrrrrrrr


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