A Dogue's Life!

they left me…

Oh what a sad weekend last week… My mum and sis went away.. it seemed like they were gone forever… I thought they would never come back….

My dad and brother took care of me, went on walks, ate my favorite treat (ICECUBES) and hung out at home. It was quiet and lonley.

I was so anxious and had my routine all messed up. I got tummy issues really bad. Diarreah out the wazzoo! All over my cratehouse, the walls, and my boy parts sooooooooooo irritated. They were RED and very RAW and sore. I could not lay down. It hurt so dang much.

Then finally my mum and sis came back. Mum was devastated!! She gave me a few baths, called the vet, started me on imodium and benadryl, and cortisone lotion.. Finally I’m well again.

Just got another bath and and a new rawhide to chew on. Things should be back to normal now. Phew lets not do that again.

Oh and in Canada, they visited with my Uncle Blue dog.. here are a few pics of him…

Courtney & Blue  mum & Blue

Blue is a standard poodle, he has an addiction problem: he cannot put toys down, always wants someone to throw it for him…

Sis and uncle Blue Looks like Blue got lots of attention while I was home sick…

beach fun maybe next time maybe I can go and play on the beach too…

Uncle Blue


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