A Dogue's Life!

i hurt my foot

my paw has a boo boo! I must of twisted it or something? I’m limping on it and causing my mum stress. She ordered some special stuff for hip and joint health. Oh great.. here we go…..

my feets

here is my boo boo paw.. see it looks fine, with my nicely cut nails… no signs of injury! But still ouchy

my sniffer

Mum loves my nose, she kisses it.. do you think its cute?

oops wrong end!

I’m brushing my teeth with the wrong end, its bepaws its hard to do without opposing thumbs….



Comments on: "i hurt my foot" (1)

  1. Cage is awesome! I’m 15, from England. I have 3 small dogs (a pug and two terriers). Me and my mum are in the middle of convincing my dad to let us have a Dogue De Bordeaux. My mum said if we can’t she will buy me one for my 18th birthday anyway LOL I’m sooo freakin excited! I’ve done my research but anything I should know? Your YouTube videos are awesome BTW 🙂

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