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Galileo Bone

A must have ohh gimme gimme


Tougher than a Nylabone, made for the most agressive power, chewers. You dogs know who you are….


Unique therapeutic devices Designed to satisfy the chewing instinct of aggressive chewing dogs Safer than other dog chews Will not splinter or break off in chunks Endorsed by leading dog authorities New natural flavor enhancement makes these products irresistible to dogs!

They are available at all fine pet retailers online and at your local pet supply stores!


He was an italian mathematician, astronomer, and physicist. He discovered the isochronism of the pendulum and demonstrated that falling bodies of different weights descend at the same rate. He perfected the refracting telescope, which led to his discovery of Jupiter’s satellites, sunspots, and craters on the moon. He was forced by the Inquisition to recant his support of the Copernican system. He proved that the earth moves round the sun!

Which has nothing to do with my bone and I don’t know why its called a Galileo bone, but I thought I’d share that with you!! Did he invent this bone? Was it originated in Galilee?? Who knows? If you have any ideas, please tell me.

This is not a paid advertisement, but just a random review by a Dogue and his bone!

If you have any great items that you love, please send me a link or name and my human will buy it for me..  hehe

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holloween pet rules!



A Best Friends campaign to help people provide a loving, forever home for their pets:

Keep Your Furry Frankensteins Safe This Halloween!
When trick-or-treating, give yourpet a flashlight and a step-stool so he or she can reach the doorbell.
Better yet, leave your pet athome.

Update your pets’ ID tags and microchips so you can easily locate them hiding in the candy or chasing neighborhood kids.

On second thought, don’t let your pets eat it – or them.

Your cat will probably just roll her eyes at those silly neighborhood kids in costumes. Make her comfortable with a can of tuna in a closed room so she can have a safe, quiet evening at home watching Tom & Jerry.

If your dog is breathing like Darth Vader or talking like Yoda, his Star Wars costume may be too tight.

Pet costumes aren’t always a good idea.

Give your pets a detailed lecture about the dangers of candles and jacko-lanterns so they will be careful.

Another option would be to take those precautions for them.


For more information

Go to foreverhome.bestfriends.org or e-mail foreverhome@bestfriends.org.



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