A Dogue's Life!

Happy Thanksgiving

Well my first thanksgiving was here and is almost gone.

I woke up on Thursday morning to the smell of something so great, I just couldn’t believe my nose.

There was a hustle and bustle. Everyone was making delicious smelling stuff and they made me stay on the carpet, so I couldn’t investigate to see what it was all about.

The smell got better and better throughout the day! It started to get unbearable for my super sensitive nose.

I had to cover my nose.. or die from that great smell that was not mine!!

Many family came over to visit, big and small. I got plenty of attention. And it was great.

Mom said that because I have such a sensitive stomache, I could not have a big feast too…. maybe next year!

But I did get ONE deviled egg! It was GREAT!

I even helped my dad install a new garbage disposal.

Overall it was a great first Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone else had a great one too. Now its onto Christmas…..

oh speaking of Christmas, I got a brand new bed during the “Black Friday” sales… mom was so thrilled… I’ll get her to take some pics later.

Much love to you all


Oh I almsot forgot to mention that my dogue dad was in the dog show on TV, they cut the part out that was him, but I posted a link for you too see him…. We all sat around to watch it… and was dissapointed to not get to see him…


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