A Dogue's Life!

Well another first for me today. A tree for me to not pee on or mess with. Mum sprayed some nasty smelling stuff on it. Its in my house so I have no need to pee on it anyways, its MY area!  But its a weird object thats for sure. All glittery and have things all over it that I would love to get my mouth around to chew chew chew. Mum put bells on all the lower branches and everytime I go near, someone comes running to shoo me away… darn bells..  maybe I can eat the bells when no one is looking or listening…

I wanted to share some pics of my new bed and this tree in my house.


When I first saw this tree in my house, I barked and barked a big mean bark.

Everyone laughed at me!


And here is my newest toy that my sis gave me, its a trolldoll, and first i ate his eyes, mum took them away, I worked on his hands and feet and his ears, then my mum took the whole thing away from me… I miss my buddy troll!    😦


And here is my new “black friday” bed!! Love it!!

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my paws to keep

May Angels watch me through the night

And wake me with the morning light!


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