A Dogue's Life!

Vet Check

Well I went to the Doggie Doctor yesterday! I think I’m gonna live. He did some looking around, and lots of touching. And he thinks that everything is fine with my HIP, KNEE, & Foot. But he does think that I do have this panosteritis (growing pains). Which I had in my front leg later last year. So he said NO xrays were needed. And he doesn’t want me taking any Doggie Pain meds for it. Too many bad side effects from the Rimadyl and Dog Asprin.

He recommended we try a more natural approach. Herbal remedies.

He gave me some funny tasting crystal stuff called ARNICA. Its from a plant. And my mom did some investigating online (again) and she is way into this stuff. I hope it works. I don’t like sore legs. I want to run and play again.

So we shall see how this turns out.

Here is a link to some other dog Herbal Remedies, including Arnica.


I did loose 10 pounds in the last few weeks due to my not feeling well and whining about my leg.. Mum is trying to fatten me back up with fried eggs in my food.. and they are so yummy!!

Here is an interesting page my mum found and wanted me to share: http://www.dogmark.net/dmninter/dogmarkarticle/elliott02.html

And I saw this and thought it was so scary!!! Yikes, I need to eat more eggs!!!

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