A Dogue's Life!

Dog Ramp

Dad got me a ramp. It came in the delivery truck today. wooo hoooo I can’t wait to use it to get in the car.

Mum had me walking on it on the floor to get used to it. I sat and posed for a few pics!

Woah does that say it holds up to 500 pounds!! How big do they think I’m gonna get?? 😉


If you want one too, you can find more info about it here: http://www.petstep.com/


Can I go to the park now???

Comments on: "Dog Ramp" (1)

  1. Denice Royster said:

    I was doing some research on Dogue De Bordeaux for my dog, when I came across your website. Your dog Cage is the brother of my dog Clint Eastwood aka Bone. They almost look like twins. I am so happy that you have pictures of the parents and grandparents. Its nice to see why my dog is so long and thick. Bone is 138 lbs as of today, as he just had his annual shots. I have flagged your page and will comeback periodically. Thanks for sharing.

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