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She found me! & Dogue Dad update

Well look who found me on the internet!

My sister Claire De Lune…. she is sooooooooooo pretty! Mum thinks she looks like me, but more girly of course!! 😉

You can see pictures of her on my Litter  Mates tab @ the top of my blog!!

I miss my Dogue Family!

Oh and my dad got best of breed last week in Georgia… Check out his newest picture…. 🙂

Yeah Crusader Dogue Dad!!!



Oh the rain is so nice… I like to play in it, walk in it…… and especially drink it!!

Mum got me this to wear in my rain adventures!

Rain or shine… I’m a good dog.. and I love the outside….

Dogue Earth Day

Just because we are dogs does not mean we can’t be involved in Earth Day! And saving the Earth is something we all need to do…

Buy some toys made from natural or recycled materials…


Also use Eco Friendly/natural products like: shampoos, soaps, medicines, flea/tick prevention, foods, bedding… etc…

When I go for my evening walk my mum always picks up my poo using biodegradable doggie bags. And instead of flushing, we are composting the poo!!

You also can always get a recycled pup! Adoption saves lives!

Some say to spay or neuter! But I can’t push that one, I’m not… but I agree that it helps control the pet population and over breeding of animals.

Together we can make a change!

By reducing your carbon pawprint

Happy Earth Day

Love Cage “woof”

Dogue Allergies & fleas/ticks

Allergies are upon us… please don’t forget about us dogs, we need relief too!

Also you should read this before you use your flea/tick prevention…..



treat tease

here Iam trying to find a way to get the dang treats out of this toy… mum was amused, but I wasn’t!!

Phew! Now I need a nap!!

a strange kind of Dogue

This looks like me in my jammies!!! LOL

Its a Dosa or Korean Mastiff… a cross between a dogue de bordeaux, a Neapolitan Mastiff, and a Japanese Tosa-Inu!!

Interesting or what??

= love

this is what love is all about!!!

And my most favorite thing to do is……………..

Peeing on stuff!!


I also own all the mail boxes on my street, a few fire hydrants, most of the front lawns, a couple light poles, one car, a basketball, my sisters foot, and the whole back yard…..

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