A Dogue's Life!

Not in a house, Not with a  mouse, Not on a boat, Not with a goat!!!



I win 😉

Mum needs help, dad tried, sis tried, mum gave up…. heheheheh

Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

Comments on: "i will not, will not, cut my nails" (2)

  1. Jim Wheeler said:

    It must run in the family I have a Cypher Chicken too!!!!

  2. Treats. Lots and lots of treats. My husband feeds our dogs treats while I clip their nails or vice versa. Also some people swear by using a Dremel tool on their nails. We used a Dremel on our previous DDB and one of our pit bulls.

    Andre (DDB) is 8 months old and once he realizes we’re not playing a game, and he quits trying to eat the clippers, he’s fine with his nail trims. Amber is a 3 year old pit who is terrified of anything touching her toes.

    Thankfully, both of them love Cheerios so we don’t go broke feeding them tons of treats for each pedicure.

    Here’s a great video on clicker training to teach a dog to like having its nails done.

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