A Dogue's Life!

treat tease

here Iam trying to find a way to get the dang treats out of this toy… mum was amused, but I wasn’t!!

Phew! Now I need a nap!!


Comments on: "treat tease" (3)

  1. Jim Wheeler said:

    Cage sister Cypher has a kong that we put biscuts in,she figured out that if you pick it up and bounce it on the hard floor the biscut pops out. Will try to get a vidio and send it to you. Does Cage have a bump on the top of his head? My old dog Libby had one and it kept getting bigger she had to have it removed. Good Luck. Jim

  2. naturepeaceluv said:

    Yes he has had that lump on his head in his wrinkle since he was a pup… but it seems to be getting bigger, and the fur is missing from spots on it… its his bald spot…
    i will mention it at his next check up next month when he gets his rabies shot and stuff….
    why did Libby have her lump removed?

    • Jim Wheeler said:

      Libby’s started getting bigger so the doc thought it was best to take it off when she healed up you couldn’t tell where it was origionally. Good luck Cage

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