A Dogue's Life!

Dogue Earth Day

Just because we are dogs does not mean we can’t be involved in Earth Day! And saving the Earth is something we all need to do…

Buy some toys made from natural or recycled materials…


Also use Eco Friendly/natural products like: shampoos, soaps, medicines, flea/tick prevention, foods, bedding… etc…

When I go for my evening walk my mum always picks up my poo using biodegradable doggie bags. And instead of flushing, we are composting the poo!!

You also can always get a recycled pup! Adoption saves lives!

Some say to spay or neuter! But I can’t push that one, I’m not… but I agree that it helps control the pet population and over breeding of animals.

Together we can make a change!

By reducing your carbon pawprint

Happy Earth Day

Love Cage “woof”


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