A Dogue's Life!

Well look who found me on the internet!

My sister Claire De Lune…. she is sooooooooooo pretty! Mum thinks she looks like me, but more girly of course!! 😉

You can see pictures of her on my Litter  Mates tab @ the top of my blog!!

I miss my Dogue Family!

Oh and my dad got best of breed last week in Georgia… Check out his newest picture…. 🙂

Yeah Crusader Dogue Dad!!!



Comments on: "She found me! & Dogue Dad update" (2)

  1. Claire de Lune said:

    I am happy to see my brother. He is such a handsome dog.

    By the way, now I am demanding my humans to spoil me as much as Cage’s humas spoil him.

    – Claire

  2. naturepeaceluv said:

    Ah Claire, the humans are easy to get in your grips.. just give em the sad pouty face with droopy eyes and they’ll be slaves in no time… works for me every time… hehehe
    ps: a head in the lap with a big sigh also helps on occasion… 😉

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