A Dogue's Life!

Day at the Vet

Well I had to have my annual vet check today…

some shots, some tests, and some meds…

I was being such a big baby and wouldn’t let them draw my blood, they took me from my mum and to this “other” room, where I was all alone. No mum, just me and the nursekid! I don’t even remember how it all happened but they must of gotten what they needed.

They took me back to mum. And gave me my shot, some meds, got my Certificate of Heath for our big up coming trip to Canada… and sent me on my way….

Everyone at the vet office who saw me, said I was so well behaved, sitting, laying and staying as comanded.. well cept for the needle part.. blush

Like my short leash mum has custom made for me?

After I got home mum gave me a special bone to chew. My Ultamate Busy Bone… YUM

Oh and the vet said I gained back all the weight I lost last time, and I’m now 109 pounds.

Mum still thinks I’m small compared to other Dogues in my litter… but I dunno, I like me the way Iam..

So Iam a Giant Breed, why aren’t I listed? Does this mean I’m going to be somewhere in between 120 & 198??

198 holy Dog!!

Thats some major kibble..

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