A Dogue's Life!

a tick

Oh look what my mum found in her hip!! Yes its a tick. I hope she don’t bring them home to me.

She sure wasn’t happy about it. She searched me all over, like it was my fault, and searched my little sis too.

But no one had one, but her. She is freaking out. Finding all sorts of stuff on the net about these bugs and the diseases they carry.

Do you know what do for a tick bite? Check here: http://www.uptodate.com/patients/content/topic.do?topicKey=~I9UUAYccqJ5RqZ

They are increasing year by year: http://www.bsu.edu/news/article/0,1370,-1019-2607,00.html

Be careful out there my four legged friends. You never know what your human family may bring home to you one day!!!


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