A Dogue's Life!

Well, I spent the whole day at my pap’s house. We all stayed outside all day long in the HOT HOT sun, listening to the big race.

Its the most hotness I’ve felt EVER in my life.

But it was my test, now I think I’m ready for my trip to Canada at the end of the week, and I’ll survive the beach and sun.

I ate lots of ice cubes, drank plenty of water, and stayed in the shade (for the most part). The kids swam and swam. I’ve never swam. But I will give it a try on the beach at my nan’s house in Canada.

Mum waits to take me for my walk until its cooler in the evening, but it still is HOT. I drool and drool. But its still fun.

She got me a special fan for the car so I can have my own air conditioning in my crate for our long trip to Canada.

Yesterday, I was taken to the vet so they could trim my nails, that was so not a fun time. Mum wanted them to muzzle me, she was afraid I’d bite someone, but they said that I would be fine, and I was. I tried to be brave.


Comments on: "indy 500 and HOT weather" (1)

  1. Barb Peddle said:

    Cage, make sure you remind your mum to take along an ice cooler filled with ice and bottled water to keep you cool during your trip to Canada. Have fun and be safe!

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