A Dogue's Life!

Across the border I go

Well here Iam in the Honda Element all snuggled up and ready for the long 16 hour drive!!

I did really well on the drive mum said. No whining or complaining. We took many stops in many different states, and I got to pee on all kinds of dog smells.

There were these BIG trucks with scary men driving them, and when I was out of the car, I would bark my mean bark at them. I did not like them  one bit. Mum said I was on protection mode, protecting my girls on our trip. I knew, yes I sure did. They were my responsability now.

My doggie passport worked out great, but when the border patrol officer looked in the car, I did my mean bark again to show him that I meant business. He asked mum if she had any weapons, guns, mace, knives, radar dectars.. and mom replied that her only weapon was ME!!! hehehe

I love being a big doggie!

Hello CANADA! EH!!

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