A Dogue's Life!

Canada, pee, & Grandma

Finally we arrived at my grandma’s house. She was so thrilled to meet me finally! And I her.

She has a really nice house on a lake, with a beach, and a pool. And two dogs of her own. I guess they are my uncle Blue (a standard poodle)  and aunt Scotty (a toy poodle).

Scotty loved me and thought I was a big ole teddy bear. Even though she is almost 15 years old, she acted like a pup around me. Which was unusal for her, she is deaf and cannot see in one eye..

And Blue, well he is another story all on his own. HE HATES me I think. He did not like me around him one bit, nor around his mum, or even my mum for that matter. He would bark in my face, and steal my bones. But I got back at him, I took over his bed while I was there, and chewed his bouncy balls (he has a major ball addiction)!!

When I first entered my grandma’s house, I went to the kitchen, hiked up my leg and peed on the table leg… ohhh that was not good, I don’t know why I did it, but I just couldn’t resist. I had to mark something, the house smelled of poodle…

My grandma and mum YELLED.. mum was so embarassed and swore she never ever saw me do that. So then I had to try the back of the sofa. Woooooooooahhhhhhhhhhh slap slap slap…. and outside I went… that didn’t last long.

I got over my peeing real fast. I learned that its ok for things to not smell like me in the house.. .but the backyard/pool area…. its MINE!!!

peee peee peeee


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