A Dogue's Life!


Merry Christmas 2010 LOVE Cage!

The fat smelly man in the red suit came to our house again this year. Whats with this guy? Even though I don’t like to be near him,

He does leave some good treats for the whole family.

My stocking was stuffed full, with all kinds of yummy treats.

And toys under the tree, wow, this man knows how to make a dog’s tail wag.

I was the first one to get to see what the fat man left, and ohh I wanted it all. I even gave some stuff that wasnt mine a chew.

Mum took them from me, and tried to explain that the foxes were NOT mine.. The kids just love foxes….

I got this new ball to chew on, its minty smelling, and supposed to be indestructable, lets see how that works.

(its a luna ball from dog.com, called and orbitz ball)

So far its hanging in there better than the jumbo tennis ball that I got too, that I also ate in a few hours.. bahaha

I think the best part of this Christmas stuff is all the treats! Everyone was giving me treats, and people brought me treats, and even sent me treats in the mail… I LOOOOOOVE treats…

I can’t wait until next Christmas to get lots of treats again, maybe I’ll have to post my address so EVERYONE can send me a treat!!


Merry Christmas Love Cage


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