A Dogue's Life!

Kyjen winning prize

My pretty picture of me in my Christmas attire won a prize on the internet.

I got this package in the mail, and it smelled sooooooooooo good… I couldn’t wait to open it.

Mum slowley got it out for me… much to slowly for a Dogue of very little patience….

it looked lick your lips good!!!!

Does it say invincible? Oh yea, lemme have it…

But they don’t know how sharp my teeth are… I’ll show them…. I can eat a basket ball… lets see what I can do to this snake!!

Thifs if greafff sfuff!!! ummmmmmm

Ok so it passed the beginners test… and it is still quite fluffy and can squeak, honk and rattle galore…

I’ll let you know if I EVER get to the inside of this one…


You can find them online at:


go check them out today and get a toy for your buddy! Tell them I sent you!!

Here is a video of me enjoying my Kyjen toy!

and there is another video on Kyjen’s Facebook page.. 🙂


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