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Bad Dogue

Ohh my mum is sooo nice, she promised me she would bring me home a treat when she went out, and she did…. ohhh a delicious new bone to chew!!! OHHHH YUM!!

it wasn’t as hard as mum thought it was going to be… and I LOVE the chewy ones like these but mum don’t, bepaws I eat the whole thing in one sitting…. and she’s watching my figure…. me I prefer to eat eat eat until the cows come over and then I’d eat them too…

anyways, this new bone was beefy and mum did her usual and was taking pics of me enjoying it.

it was sooooooooooo good! and mum was clicking away…. flash flash flash flash…

I don’t know what came over me.. I got a little irrigated… eyebrows started getting wrinkled.. hair stood up…

and mum thought it was cute and continued to click click flash flash away….

then I clicked and flashed and snapped of my own….

Oh dear!

I GROWLED really loud! Took a snap at mum and that flashy camera thing… if she didn’t jump I think I might of just eaten her and the camera all in one gulp!!


She took my bone, scolded me with her finger, yes the dreaded finger pointing to my nose… Ohhhhh BAD DOG!! she said in her growly voice….

I immediately got to the submit position and begged for mercy!!

But she still has not given me my bone back. I can smell it up there on the fireplace mantle.. If I jump I could reach it.. but I better lay low for a while, she still seems mad at me….

┬áis that noodles I smell cooking?? maybe she’s not mad at me afterall!!

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