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Westminster dog show 2011

Well my dad was on a dog show again. This time he was top dogue. YES he won best of breed!! Over all those dogue de bordeauxs he was TOP DOGUE!!! I was so happy.

And since he was top dogue, he got to go to Westminster! Yes, THE biggest dog show of all. How awesome is that?

I could only hope to follow in his foot steps one day. He didn’t get best in group, but it was an honor to just be there to represent all the dogue de bordeauxs. And me!  He is my hero that is for sure.

There is a video located online on the Westminster dog show page, here is a link to the video of him competing against all the other DDB. He is with the short man who is his handler. And his turn was around 4 min and 10 secs into the video on page 3 after you click on DDB.

And at the end of the video, you will see him WIN BEST IN BREED!!! Yes I’m thrilled….


Here are some pics we snapped of the TV screen… 🙂

Congrats Daddy Crusader!

Congratulations Crusader !!! Top dogue 2011 !!

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