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fries & onion rings oh YUM

Today mum was running errands, and decided to bring me along. I rode in style in the Element with the seats up, and a nice comfy towel to lay on, air in my face, aaaaahhhh tis the Dogues life!
After our errands, she took me downtown for a snack with her. (I NEVER get fed at the table or table scraps)
So this was an extra special treat.
Fries and Onion rings are my new favorite foods!!
It was sooooooooooooooooo good, I hope we go back there again soon.

city dog, not quite

Mum took me to our little downtown today. What fun. We stopped in this little shop to have a drink. I waited outside like a good dog and then sat and watched the people as she drank her drink and talked to me.
It seems everywhere I go, people flock to me, and love me.
They all say I’m so beautiful. And ask mum, who’s walking who?? Of couse she is the boss, but I would never let them know that.
I’m her baby and they all think I’m her bodyguard.. bahahaha!

Here are a few pics of my adventure “downtown”.

Not quite a city dog like the dogs in NYC, but not quite a country dog either.. am I a town dog??

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