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Coach dog!

Boy do I know style when I smell it…

Coach sunglasses! Oh yeah!

its a dogs must have!

Now I just need to get mum to get me one of these! then I’ll be stylin:

or one of these for my leash!

and one of these for mum!

I think I really want one of these Coach collars to match my mums purse and glasses!

now dont laugh at me, I could ask for a dog collar like this one:

Oh and look they even have a LV dog collar:

And a Gucci:

ok enough with that silly stuff… Its fun to dream but life is good as it is…

If I had more stuff, I’d need more room to put more stuff, then the cycle continues and never ends… round and round… like a circle, a ring, a donut.. oh I love dog donuts… now that is a NEED! Please send me donuts if your reading this.

happy snow day!

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