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dog poo compost

its that time of year again, spring clean up in the back yard.

Our project for the day was to make a “do it yourself” doggie dooley. For composting dog doo.

Items needed:

Drill and bit

Hand saw

Rubber boots

21 Gal tote

“Green” septic tank treatment


Coffee & Camera!

Find a nice spot in the yard, dig a hole big enough to burry your bin to the lid.

Drill holes in your bin all around the sides to allow drainage.

Cut the bottom out of your bin.

Place bin in the dug hole, and fill in the outsides.

Clean up yard and collect doggie poo, put the poo in the container and put in septic treatment. Place lid on top securly (mine latches).

Decorate lid as needed. 🙂

Relax and enjoy rest of the day.

Happy Spring!

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