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doggie hotel

Well, mum packed my bags all up, guess I was going on another trip? Woooooo what fun! Mum, sis and I = road trip.
Ummm wait a minute, why are they all sad and saying goodbye?
Where are they going?
Why am I still here?
Did I do something wrong?

Time passed… dogs came and went… I stayed… it felt like years….

I did not like those men messing with me, but the ladies can come by anytime to visit or walk me.

Oh my tummy hurted, POP issues again. They tested my poop, but all was well. It was just my doggie nerves!

Where is my family?

Finally one day, after my bath, I was found by my family again… OHHHHH the joy…
I ran to the car and went to my own home… where the rest of the gang was…

I hope I don’t have to go back to that place anytime soon.. 😦
Doggie hotel is not much fun. And I left my blankey there…

But on a happy note, my family is so glad to see me, they are spoiling me with gifts from the city!

Here are the links to the stores in New Jersery that mum and the family got my treats from:
http://youluckydognj.com/ My taxi cab and hotdog & hamburger cookies came from here!
http://www.beowoof.com/ My taxi cab treats came from here!

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