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Sun Sand & Water

Oh summer in Canada is wonderful! The best weather for us dogue de bordeauxs. It is so nice and cool, its easy to breathe, and I love spending time outside when it is not torture!

I spent many an evening just relaxing on the deck in the shade.

The wind off the water was so nice to my nose.

I went to the beach for the first time ever in my life. What is that on my feet? SAND! Wow…. its soft. And wait, no leash! Mum was nervous but my grandma said it was ok to let me be free!! And FREE I was….

I got to dig dig dig!! But it did not taste good!

I drank and drank and drank… trying to empty the water… but it was never ending…… I so love water!!

Blue and I ran and ran! We played tag, and had a great race. His legs are much longer than mine, he always won.

My sister is such a water lover too, she would take us down to the beach every day, a few times even!!

Truthfully, when I first ran in the water, it scared the crud out of me, it splashed up behind me and I thought something was going to get me, that picture was me running scared!! LOL *blush*

I hope that every Dogue gets to have this kind of freedom at least once in their life!

I have so many beach pictures its hard to choose which ones to share!!

I felt like a stallion on the wide open range!

She cheated and got an head start! 😉

No wonder why everyone was scared of me!!

After a nice long play on the beach, the sun sets, and its time to get cleaned up and rest until tomorrow!

And this is how I end my day on the beach in Canada!!!

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