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a picture for today

Today is wordlessWednesday!

too hot too walk!! Phew!!

a walk in the woods

Oh the freedom in Canada is so great…

We got to walk in the woods, and guess what? No leash again. Mum was scared and was afraid I’d run away or get lost!

But I did great, and it smelled sooooooooooooooo nice!!!

Oh did I mention anything about all the pee spots??

Doggie paradise!!

Ending the walk in the woods with a nice nap on Blue’s bed was the icing on the cake!!


those are mine

i still don’t know why they have to do this to me??

indy 500 and HOT weather

Well, I spent the whole day at my pap’s house. We all stayed outside all day long in the HOT HOT sun, listening to the big race.

Its the most hotness I’ve felt EVER in my life.

But it was my test, now I think I’m ready for my trip to Canada at the end of the week, and I’ll survive the beach and sun.

I ate lots of ice cubes, drank plenty of water, and stayed in the shade (for the most part). The kids swam and swam. I’ve never swam. But I will give it a try on the beach at my nan’s house in Canada.

Mum waits to take me for my walk until its cooler in the evening, but it still is HOT. I drool and drool. But its still fun.

She got me a special fan for the car so I can have my own air conditioning in my crate for our long trip to Canada.

Yesterday, I was taken to the vet so they could trim my nails, that was so not a fun time. Mum wanted them to muzzle me, she was afraid I’d bite someone, but they said that I would be fine, and I was. I tried to be brave.


More Dogues like me with their BLOCKY collars!!


We are so proud of our unique and one of a kind custom collar..

National Bite prevention week

Started by none other than the Postal Service, this week (May 16 to 22) marks National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year.

Teach your children well and they wont be bitten!

– Advise your child not to be the first to approach an unknown dog

-If your child exhibits any fear or apprehension around dogs, they could actually trigger a dog’s aggression. If they are scared. Stay away.

-Teach your children that dogs don’t like to be hugged around the neck or kissed. And let the dog sniff you and get to know you before any contact.

-Teach your children how to read a dog’s body language. Stiffness or standing still = don’t mess with me, don’t make eye contact.

-Tell your child to never scream or run away from a dog, the prey instinct turns on.

-Never allow your child to tease or taunt a dog.

-Let sleeping dogs lie & eating dogs eat!! DND Do not disturb!!

“Indiana dog bite liability rests on three possible grounds: negligence, the “one bite rule,” and strict liability where the victim is carrying out a duty imposed by law. In the latter case, Indiana imposes strict liability on not only the owner, but also the possessor, keeper or harborer of the dog.” 

Dog bite laws vary from state to state. Basically, the law in this country is what makes an owner strictly liable for injuries caused by a dog bite regardless of the owner’s prior knowledge, and into law which makes an owner liable only if they had knowlewdge of the dog’s dangerous nature.

Dog bite law webpage: http://www.dogbitelaw.com/

Why dogs bite?

  • Dominance aggression: aggressive behavior usually directed to family members who take something from the dog, pet it, hold it, pick it up, or disturb it while it is resting.
  • Defensive or fear aggression: directed to family or strangers who approach too quickly or too closely when the dog is afraid.
  • Protective/territorial aggression: directed to strangers to approach the owner or the home of the owner.
  • Predatory aggression: directed to small, quickly moving animals and children, especially where more than one dog is involved.
  • Pain-elicited aggression: directed to family or strangers who approach or touch when the dog is in pain or injured.
  • Punishment-elicited aggression: directed to family or strangers who hit, kick or verbally assault the dog.
  • Redirected aggression: directed to family, strangers and animals who approach or touch the dog when it is aggressive in another context .

Oh and Look at this… my pics are on this webpage all about dogues…



a tick

Oh look what my mum found in her hip!! Yes its a tick. I hope she don’t bring them home to me.

She sure wasn’t happy about it. She searched me all over, like it was my fault, and searched my little sis too.

But no one had one, but her. She is freaking out. Finding all sorts of stuff on the net about these bugs and the diseases they carry.

Do you know what do for a tick bite? Check here: http://www.uptodate.com/patients/content/topic.do?topicKey=~I9UUAYccqJ5RqZ

They are increasing year by year: http://www.bsu.edu/news/article/0,1370,-1019-2607,00.html

Be careful out there my four legged friends. You never know what your human family may bring home to you one day!!!

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