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medicines save the day

Well I went to see the animal doctor today to get me out of this pain.

And he gave me a shot of Rimadyl.

 medicine from the good doc

It is an anti-inflamatory/analgesic for dogs.

Oh it hurt when he put the shot in and I screamed in pain. And all i did was lick his eye!! He laughed….

But now its working, I’m at home and finally able to get some sleep.

I also have some doggie pills called Carprofen 100mg. I will start taking those tomorrow.  pills

They are the same as the shot, but my human can administer at home.

Vet wants to get an x-ray but he will have to put me out for that, not sure if that sounds like fun or not.

But I think the humans want to wait and see if this medicine helps any.

its possible that I have Panosteritis or osteoarthritis!

Pano would be the more likley though, its basically growing pains, and I AM a growing pup right now.


Panosteitis is a spontaneously occurring lameness that usually occurs in large breed dogs.  Affected dogs are usually in the 5 to 14 month age range and male dogs are more commonly infected than female dogs. The disease has been reported in dogs as young as 2 months and can occur in young mature dogs. The lameness tends to occur very suddenly, usually without a history of trauma or excessive exercise. In most cases one or the other front leg is affected first and then the problem tends to move around, making it appear that the lameness is shifting from leg to leg. There are often periods of improvement and worsening of the symptoms in a cyclic manner. This condition is self limiting, meaning that it will eventually go away, with or without treatment. Pain control can go a long way towards helping your pet feel more comfortable and should be used, though.


Osteoarthritis: are the same as they occur in the human body with arthritis, essentially, the “breakdown” of the (protective) cartilage that covers the ends of the bones at the joint. Sometimes, the tissues that line the joint may also be inflamed. Osteoarthritis however is associated with the growth of new bone around a moveable joint and the deterioration of the smooth cartilage that covers and protects the ends of the bones within it. In the more severe cases of osteoarthritis, the vet may suggest steroids or surgery, neither of which is risk-free.

Lets hope this passes soon.

I’m going to continue my nap now… while I can without the horrid pain! I’ve a few sleepless nights to catch up on!

My mom is taking good care of me! and nursing me back to my old self!! My family is the best family EVER, they are all taking such great care of me when I’m sick. I love them.

Here is an email from my humans to make me feel better:


Blessing for
Sick Pet

Loving God,
Lord of all life,
Let your face shine
Upon our sick pet.
Show us your healing love.


 Please get better soon baby! We love you so much and hate to see you in such pain!
Lots of Love
Your Human Family


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