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Paw it forward day

Tomorrow April 28 is Paw it forward day…. but any day would work 😉

get your good deeds going and send me a comment to tell me what you did for someone!

“Do one good deed for three others without asking for anything in return”

I’ll update my post tomorrow with my good deeds!

My paw it forwards:

1: I got my mum to stop at the “woody’s” store before work this morning to get a Vanilla coke for this lady that works there. She does not have a dog to tell her secrets too, and she loves woody’s cokes to help be stressfree. 🙂

2: I layed in the backyard in the sun and didn’t chase the birds away from the birdfeeder. They looked so hungry after all that rain.

3: I made friends with the cat next door… bahahah, ok not really… cats are so not for me, well they are for me but for snacks. Today I tried my best to not chase the cat… but she always gets the best of me… does this count for trying??? 😉

4: After a long day work, I gave my mum a great welcome home, a nice big hug and kiss, then I layed by her feet and stayed by her side while she winded down!

No paybacks are necessary, unless your that cat next door… so its your turn to paw it forward! Have fun.

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