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Pet Expo & pupcasts

What a fun weekend we had. We went to the pet expo! There were so many four legged friends there. Sooooooooo many smells. 

 I saw my vet and the girls from his office who adore me.

My trainer: http://www.countylinek9.com/index.html

 My classmate/friend.

And even a big Dogue like me:  http://oldschoolbordeaux.com/ 

He was the first Dogue I’ve ever seen since my adoption to my human family. He was HUGE. I will be just like him this time next year!! My mum was all over his BIG head. Wish I could of played longer!!

There were so many treats there, and so many people to pet me. I like this expo thing!!

These cute kids were selling treats (bark bark bites) they made them to sell so they can go to Disney World! They were yummy: http://tharpkids.webs.com/

bark bark bites! Bark Bark Bites = YUM


It gave my mum the idea to make HOMEMADE doggie treats for me. My little sis is going to have such fun making them.

Here is a bunch of recipies for YUMMIES: http://www.bullwrinkle.com/Assets/Recipes/Recipes.htm


Here are a few videos of me just hanging out at home!

Tugging is much fun, I practice my big dogue growl!!


Time to play fetch! Don’t laugh, I’m NOT lazy, just easily BORED!! LOL

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