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Howl-o-ween @ Petco

tick or treat!

Went to Petco’s Doggie Howl-o-ween party! Oh what fun. So many furends to see. And the costumes were great also. Mom made me wear what was left of the clown costume! I got this picture taken. Cute huh? They wanted to put me on a table but I was to big to get up there. And I was even too big for this bed also, it was being smushed by my butt! But I smiled pretty. And drew LOTS of attention to myself.

Here are a few other pics of my howl-o-ween party!

Petco's parking lot   my mum & I

being a good boy

what are those??      that spooked me! darn fish


A new furend! His name is Brutis


oh I want this one!!

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