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a strange thing

One day while on the beach I saw something in the distance…

I DID NOT like the look of it.

I had to protect my girls, and sissypants Blue.

I did my BIG bark to scare it away.

Here Iam doing my big howling bark! Mum is laughing at me… I don’t know why.. she should hide.. its going to get her..

Geeerrrrrrrrrrrr stay back, thing!

I’m still barking at it, I so hate that thing, do you see it? That horrible thing in the distance!! Why is it there? In the water!! MY water!!

My mum made me walk all the way down the beach to it, and it just stood there, and when I got really close, this was my scared face…

Still have no idea what the heck that little colorful looking houselike thing was doing in the water…. I hope I never see one ever again!!

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