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Head lump

Well I woke up this morning like I usally do…

Mum noticed my head looking weird around my lump.

She started picking and picking. And LOTs of gross gooey stuff came out…..

Mum got out the #15 blade, and some peroxide and gauze.. and away she worked.. squeezing and getting LOTS of goo out.

She then called the vet and told them her adventure, and off we went to make sure it was going to be ok.

He gave me some meds, and sent me on my way. With instructions for mum to continue irrigating it with peroxide and putting this special cream on it.

Wanna see what it looks like now?

Dr Todd says its ok though! Phew! Just a cyst of some sort. And does not look cancerous. He did not want to remove it though, thought he’d give it a chance to heal and completly drain on its own. He thinks if he removed it, the toxins wouldn’t have anywhere to expell themselves from my body, and then something else will get yucked with the toxins, like my kidney or Dog knows what else…

So we are listening to doc Todd, and I’ll keep you posted.

Mum found this online:

“A sebaceous cyst is a small sac containing an accumulation of secretions produced by the sebaceous glands. are also known as epidermoid cysts, epidermal inclusion cysts, epidermal cysts, and wens.

The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum, which lubricates the skin.  The ducts of the sebaceous glands empty into hair follicles. The development of sebaceous cysts is thought to arise from an obstruction of the follicles, leading to abnormal accumulations of sebum.

Sebaceous cysts are common in dogs. There are no breed, age or sex predilections with respect to formation of the cysts. There is no significant impact on your pet, as these are benign, non-painful growths.” http://www.petplace.com/dogs/sebaceous-cysts-in-dogs/page1.aspx

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