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running in the snow

running running just as fast as I can…..

running running….

Lots of snow for us to play in today. And even more by tomorrow.. woo hoo

I LOVE the snow!!

The land was all clear with newly fallen snow, and we tracked it all up.. what a fun time!

Guess that ground hog was right? 6 more weeks of winter… its proven to be true!!

a COLD winter walk

We walked down to the bus stop today to meet my sister after school. It was FREEZING! Mum made me wear a scarf!!

The first snow!

I got up this morning to go pee as usual, and I thought I was dreaming! My favortie treat was crushed all over the back yard.. Ice cubes. But mum called it snow!!

It was cold on my paws, nose and ears. But it was exceptionally YUMMY!

Mum says maybe they wont need to shovel this year, that I would eat the driveway clear!!

It feels funny on my fur, but it makes my aching bones feel good!

Get it off!!!

We cant wait for BIG snow!!!

Best friends leaving footprints in the snow together!!

Happy Winter all…

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