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Well my mum has offically fallen off her rocker… she’s making me wear a sock! Yes you read correct, a SOCK, and its my sister’s sock, a Christmas sock too! How embarassing!! I went outside and took it off, and hid it, but she came out to find it and put it right back on.

She seems to think that if I wear a sock that I’ll quit my limping for no reason. Maybe I just like to walk that way!

She also taped my foot up with doctor stuff! I pulled some hair out when I chewed that off… but its worse than the sock, so I’ll keep wearing the sock whenever she makes me.

My sock pictures, please don’t laugh!!

so here is my doctor mum wrap job!! 😛

So here Iam not pleased with my mum right now.. .even though she gave a special bone to chew on that was sooooo yummy!

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