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these little creatures are just too cute and so much fun to play with!

I eventually caught the little guy and took off running from mum… she chased me, and it was a fun game, but mum is too fast, and she caught up to me and took my Toad from my mouth….

I’m glad she did anyways, he tasted really bad… I was frothing at the mouth, and needed a drink quick like!

Swallow a toad in the morning and you will encounter nothing more disgusting the rest of the day.

Flat Stanley Adventures

My sister is doing a project on Flat Stanley, she sent his picture to everyone in the family, and they are all taking pictures and sending them to her to show her class… here is my picture¬†: ¬†Me eating flat Stanley.

If you want to help out and take a picture too… email me… and I’ll give you more info.. Woof Woof.

Mum will post pictures of my toad adventure soon.. come back and see them later in the week…

Ps: Please help earth on EARTH DAY!

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